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Resham Panth Introduction

A Bit About Me

I’m a Freelance WordPress developer based in Bangalore, India

I have been developing websites since I was 16 (that’s more than 10 years now) and have worked with individuals and companies of various sizes.

I have grown up surrounded by computers and was introduced to the Internet back in my high school. Being my own boss and running my own businesses has always been at the top of my To-Do-Soon list.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and am fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Python and work with software like WordPress, Photoshop, and Illustrator frequently.

I am a cricket fan, dog lover, gym goer and am learning guitar. Ask me to choose between Android and iOS, and I’ll laugh as I use my Oneplus 9 Pro.
I have learned a lot many things online and thus always feel like giving back to society. I support Open Source projects and contribute my bit wherever I can. I am a frequent Quora user and share my knowledge there.

I read books when I can. I fell in love with ‘The Secret’ and ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. I also love watching movies, ’12 Angry Men’, ‘Dead Poet Society’, and ‘Harry Potter’ are a few of my favorites. I also watch a lot of TV Series – Ask me anything about ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ or ‘Game Of Thrones’!

I like to maintain solid, ongoing relationships with my clients. You can ask my previous clients, and they’ll surely answer you the same. I’ll keep you in the loop with frequent updates, from start to end of the project. I’ll help you out with all the things that I know, that may in any way improve your workflow.

I work with Individuals and Businesses, both small and large, that require assistance with setting up their websites online. If you need to build your website, get in touch. I’ll be happy to help!
Disha Selarka
At one point before the launch of my website, I asked him to change the whole layout and he did so on time without throwing a fit… If you are looking for a developer I would for sure recommend him…
Disha Selarka
Omkar Potdar
Resham Panth clearly knows how to get the work done way before the deadline. He has already set the website up and running, while we are still developing our content!
Omkar Potdar
Neiko and Alexis
I reached out to few different people, in different blog groups and there I ran into Resham and I can just say I'm so happy I ran into him because he's made my life so much easier!
Neiko & Alexis Johnson
... The Design looks fantastic, I couldn't be any happier! The vision that I had was translated exactly how I saw it and the customer service was impeccable!...
Nicholas Habre
Timea Szoke
... If you have something in your head, you explain to him, and by some magic he would just translate it into a website!...
Timea Szoke
Neha R
It’s been a struggle for me to connect with the technology at such a level. Resham has been a boon for me. His ability to do mammoth tasks seamlessly is great. He has loads of patience and is a good listener!
Neha R

My Work

I've listed some of my recent works.
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