Project Description

Disha Selarka

Disha Selarka


Disha Selarka is a personal blog in the lifestyle, fashion and soft skill niche, owned by Disha Selarka.

When I first met Disha, she had a faint idea in her head as to how the website should look. She referred me to multiple sites in various niches as she was interested in some specific sections in each of these websites.

My main challenge here was to recreate those sections on the website in such a way that they perfectly blend together and function as expected.


A light-toned website with a lot of whitespaces was developed. Since a lot of images will be uploaded on the website, I installed an automatic image compression system. Most, if not all, feature requests were set up on the website.

  • Completely Responsive Website
  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Unlimited Sliders

  • Custom Designed Logo

  • MailchimpĀ Email Integration

  • Grid-Based Blog Layout

Words from the Owner

Disha Selarka

He is one of the most genuine people to work with and also very patient. At one point before the launch of my website, I asked him to change the whole layout and he did so on time without throwing a fit. Resham also has his own style and flare of working which you can see in his work. If you are looking for a developer I would for sure recommend him, he is the perfect example of one of those young creative minds!

Disha Selarka,

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